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Design Thinking

Before discussing about Design Thinking and Its Process. Let us first know about What is Innovation and Creativity.

What is Innovation?

Innovation means to develop something new based on knowledge. Innovation is creating new value in new way of existing products. You can also say that is a practical implementation of ideas to cash means the result we get in form of Improvement of New Goods and Services in existing one's.

According to Stephen P. Robbins, "Innovation is a new idea applied to initiating or improving a product, process or service"

Innovation is different from Creativity. Later, we will show you difference between Innovation and Creativity. 

The major point of Innovation is to practically implement of an idea based on knowledge.

Innovation is defined as the process of making an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value and/or for which customers will pay.

A proposed definition of Innovation

Here's how we define that what is Innovation

"Innovation is process of creating a new value to existing products in new way by using our knowledge and then convert this knowledgable idea to cash and implement it practically".

According to Peter F. Drucker who is known as the Father of Modern Management suggested that there are "Seven Sources of Innovation".

                         Sources of Innovation

1) Unexpected Occurences

2) Incongruities

3) Based on Process Need

4) Changes Take Place in Industry and Market

5) Demographic Changes

6) Changes in Perception

7) New  Knowledge

                        Process of Innovation

Innovation Process

    Role of Innovation in Industry and Organisation

There is an imporant role of innovation in Industry and Organisation. It helps organisation to survive for a long time by innovating something new and new. By this there is growth of an organisation and organisation can get more innovations.

You can also say that it has 2 prospects:- 

1st - Micro Prospect defines about Organisations

2nd - Macro Prospect defines about Society


1) It helps to Keep Organisation Relevant and Keep earning more Profit

2) Its helps in growth of an Organisation

3) Very helpful to Grow Companies

4) Helpful for Society also if you see from Macro Prospect

5) Create Unique Selling Proposition(USP)

Now, We talk about Creativity, What is Creativity, Role of Creativity in Industry and Organisation.


What is Creativity?

Simple Definition of Creativity is :- Creativity is ability of person to create, perform or think something in new way.

Creativity means generating ideas and dream about new things to think.

       Some Sources Required for Creativity

1) Knowledge

2) Personality

3) Motivation

4) Environment

5) Ability to Think

                         Process of Creativity


    Role of  Creativity in Industry and Organisation

There is an important role of creativity also in Industry and Organisation. Because every Organisation has to do some creativity. It open door to new opportunities for organisations.


1) Helps in Growth

2) Use Efficient Thinking Employees to Grow your Organisation

3) Increase Knowledge

4) Increases Efficiency

5) Get New Solutions

6) Reward the Creativity

      Difference Between Innovation and Creativity

Difference Between Innovation and Creativity

So, this all about Creativity and Innovation and my new article is coming soon. In next article i cover major topics like Design Thinking and Design Thinking in Different Sectors. 

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