Essay on Technology

Essay on Technology

Essay on Technology

Technology is actually how we execute the disclosures of science and mix it with our very own needs. Innovation is a general term used to suggest to the various tools, machines, and hardware we use in regular daily existence. These devices and kit are been developed by man to form the assignments quicker, simpler and progressively agreeable.

Significance of Technology:

The significance of Technology has its own significance in our lives. Without innovative advance, our lives wouldn't are easier and quicker. The modernization that the world is seeing today has all been conceivable as a results of the mechanical improvements in various fields. Moreover, it's helped in reducing the risks people had to undertake in many sectors like mining. With the new technologies that are available, the tasks are less risky and more efficient as well.

Significance of Technology

Disadvantages of Technology:

The disadvantages of technology are:-

  1. The use of mobiles was meant to be ready to confine touch in difficult times. But now we see kids an excessive amount of involved within the different applications on mobiles and killing their valuable time.
  2. Many crimes are reported through the misuse of digital technology.
  3. Also, it's been seen that a lot of people lack the essential education required to make sure the right use of the technology available today. In fact, most of them use it for the sake of fashion and hence find yourself misusing it.
  4. People are so hooked in to technology that they no more want to try to to any quite manual activity. Even for small works which can be done manually, people prefer to appear the hay through technology. This has resulted in making humans mentally also as physically dormant.

So, these are the disadvantages of technology.

Essay on technology and science

Essay on technology and science:

Science and technology are important part of our day to day life. We get up in the morning with our alarm clocks ringing and turn off our lights at night and go to bed. All these types of luxuries that we availing is because of science and technology. Most importantly, how can we do all this in a short time because it is only the advancement of science and technology. It's very difficult to imagine our life now without science and technology.

Actually our existence now depends on it. Every day new technologies are coming because it's dynamic in nature means constant changes that are making human life easier and more comfortable. Thus, we sleep in an era of science and technology.

Benefits of Science and Technology

Benefits of Science and Technology:

If we think about benefits of science and technology, there are many benefits of science and technology. For instance, the morning paper which we read that delivers us reliable information may be a results of scientific progress. In addition, the electrical devices without which we can't live to imagine like refrigerator, AC, microwave and more are a results of technological advancement. Furthermore, if we glance at the transport scenario, we notice how science and technology play a serious role here also . We can quickly reach the opposite a part of the world within hours, all because of advancing technology. 

Essay on life without technology:

The everyday lives of people have changed a superb deal because of the arrival of technology. they need become easier, faster, easier and dynamic. So, we can't without technology due to technology their are many changes comes in everyday life.
So, Living with technology will be very difficult.

Essay on technology in education

Essay on technology in education:

In the world that we currently sleep in , technology may be a very vital factor. With each passing day, new software or gadget is being brought into the market that serves to boost our lives during a method. 

However, it is vital to note that despite the actual fact that technology plays a huge role in making our lives easier, it isn't the only role it's .

Technology is increasingly growing its importance within the education sector. The more technology advances, the more benefits it provides for school kids at every education level. Technology that's made use of within the classroom is extremely beneficial in helping the students understand and absorb what they're being taught. as an example, since there are sort of scholars who are visual learners, projection screens connected to computers could be put in classrooms to let the students see their notes as against simply sitting down and listening of the trainer teach.

So, this is the essay on technology in education.


In conclusion, technology has affected our lives deeply. We simply cannot imagine living without it. it's increased our lifespan and quality of living. it's brought us closer to each other in certain ways.

We can make use of technological advancements of nuclear energy which produces electricity and help many villages lighten us.

Technology is surely a boon for mankind. It is all the more important for the financial development and economic growth of a country. Modern technologies have in fact succeeded in reducing the human effort and the risk of doing a lot many things. But, still, it's for us to ascertain or to check or to examine how best we make use of the technology available to us.

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