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What is UPS in Computer | Types, Full Form of UPS


What is UPS in Computer | Types, Full Form of UPS

 Do You know What is UPS in computer? Types of UPS? Full form Of UPS? Functions of UPS?

Hello friends, Today i tell you about UPS its types, functions and full form of UPS. So in this article i cover all these and some of you already know about ups who are using computer daily and some not know about ups its types and its full form. UPS is very useful i am also using because by using UPS your computer is safe from electrical issues. So, lets talk about UPS. What is UPS in Computer?

    What is UPS in Computer

    Now lets talk about UPS. Those who are using computer known well about UPS why it is necessary. It is just like a inverter like when their is electricity then inverter charges and when electricity goes then it gives power so we continue use electricity. Similarly, UPS in computer also have same function when their is electricity UPS charges its battery and when electricity goes it gives a backup time of more than 10-15 minutes so you can save your data.

    So, in simple words, UPS in computer gives battery backup to save your data when electricity goes.

    By using UPS, there are many benefits like:-

    • You get battery backup
    • You can save your unsaved data
    • Saves computer from electrical problems
    • Saves computer from voltage problems
    • Very needy because when electricity goes your PC stops at that time and it also harms your PC from electrical or voltage problems.

    Types of UPS

    There are 3 types of UPS are:-

    • Online
      • Double Conversion
    • Line-Interactive UPS
    • Offline
      • Standby
      • Battery

    Online Double Conversion

    Double Conversion UPS is also known as Online UPS. This type of UPS is also generally used.

    Line-Interactive UPS

    Line-Interactive UPS is another type of UPS. Its also very good. It regulates voltage automatic. It give power and battery backup both of them. So, its called Line-Interactive UPS.

    Offline UPS

    In Offline UPS, the 2 types of UPS these are Standby or Power UPS. Standby UPS is generally a most used type of UPS for computers. Its most used generally.

    Function of UPS

    The main function of UPS is to save PC from electrical and voltage problem. It gives battery backup also to save your unsaved data. UPS is very necessary for computers i think that using Computer or PC without PC can harm your computer from power problems. So, this the function of UPS.

    Full Form of UPS

    Now, the very important thing of UPS is to know the Full form of UPS. The full form of UPS is:-

    • Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS)
    • Uninterruptible Power Source(UPS)

    These are the Full Form Of UPS.


    So, the conclusion is to use Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) or Uninterruptible Power Source(UPS) is very important so i think that if you have computer or PC then you must use UPS because it saves your Computer or PC from power or voltage problems and its main function is also to give you a backup time to save your unsaved data. Like you make a data and electricity goes then Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) or Uninterruptible Power Source(UPS) gives you some time like more than 10-15 minutes to save your data. So, i think its very useful.

    So, Today i tell about What is UPS in Computer, Types of UPS(Online, Line-Interactive, Offline), Function of UPS, Full Form of UPS. I hope you like my article so dont forget to comment and share it with your friends.

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