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What is a Printer | Types of Printer

What is a Printer | Types of Printer

Do you know What is a Printer and Types of Printer.

Hello friends in my previous article on What is Output Device and Types of Output Devices i tell you that i will give complete details of each output device. So today i am giving more informations and types of printer.

What is a Printer

    Printer is an output device. It prints documents when you use printer and click print button from your computer it gives you output so its an output device. This includes documents, images etc.

    Printer are of many types like laser printer, inkjet printer. More types of printer are Dot Matrix Printer, 3D Printer, etc.

    Printer is also call hard copy of the document you print. In next article related to printer i give more or full information about printers and their types.

    So now i am giving you more details about what is a printer and types of printer.

    Some types of Printer are Laser Printer, All-in-one Multifunction printers, Inkjet Printers, 3D Printer, etc. So today i give information on these types of printers.


    Types of Printer

    Laser printer

    Laser printers are generally used in offices or used to print official documents where we need to print many pages so we go to laser printer. Because it prints many pages as compared to colour printers. As compared to inkjet printers, laser printers cost high because as per cost it gives good output also like it print many pages.

    Laser printers are also comes in many types like colour laser printer and monochrome laser printer. So first let me tell you about what is colour laser printer. Then i tell you about monochrome laser printer and tell you my opinion.

    Colour laser printer

    Colour laser printers are used in offices as well as for small businesses because it gives colour printout on papers as compared to monochrome laser printer. With the help of colour laser printer you can print pages more than 1000 and its really fast and affordable also if you are printing so much by this colour laser printer you can print coloured graphics or like if you show presentation then its very helpful because colour laser printers helps you print coloured pages. Its suitable for home and official both uses. For this you need to replace 4 catridges.


    Monochrome laser printer

    Now, let's talk about monochrome laser printer this printer gives output in black and white format means it can only prints black and white documents. Its generally used in offices or banks to print black and white papers. Its print speed is also very fast and it gives good high quality output. And the main thing is that in monochrome laser printer you have to replace only 1 catridge.

    Difference between colour laser printer and monochrome laser printer

    Colour laser PrinterMonochrome laser Printer
    1) Prints colour and both types of pages.1) Prints only black and white pages.
    2) You have to replace 4 catridges in colour laser printer.2) You have to replace 1 catridge in monochrome laser printer

    My Opinion

    If i have to choose a laser printer then i go to monochrome laser printer because i generally prints black and white pages and the benefit in this printer is to replace only 1 catridge.

    Photo Printer

    Now, let's talk about another type of printer, Photo Printer. Photo printer is very useful if you like to print you photos then you can print you photo is minutes and its very useful. And many photo printer comes in wireless features so you carry it anywhere and print your photos. When you insert white photo paper and select the photo to print then it prints your photo on that white photo paper. Without using desktop you use photo printer so its also called portable photo printer.


    Here i give you many informations about types of printer and you can decide a printer for yourself by seeing their features and i hope that my this article really useful for you. If you like my article the please comment and share it with your friends so everyone know about types of printers.

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