What is Input Device | Types of Input Devices

What is Input Device | Types of Input Devices

Hello friends today i tell you about what is input devices and their types.

Nowadays, everyone using computers and those who are using computers, know that what is input devices.

Those people who dont using computer now from them some of them don't know about what is input device, and its types.

So, today in this article i tell about input device and its types. So, please read full article i hope you like my article and share it with your friends.

There are many devices that are using computers or laptop or desktops, these devices are types of input devices,these devices help so much to use computer because it eases.And you can control you computer very easily by the help of these devices.

    What is Input Device?

    An input device is a type of hardware device that sends your data to computer or you can extract or you can input your data into computer using input devices.

    It helps so much to operate computer easily. Or you can easily understand about input devices by its name in its name there's word "input".

    It means to input something or your data to computer(laptop or desktops).

    So by this you can easily understand about input device. And now when you think which devices i am talking about.

    So i am talking about all input devices like mouse, keyboard, etc.

    But mouse, keyboard these 2 are very important parts of computer i am telling some input important input devices.

    Here so you can read about them and easily understand the features or work of input devices.

    Types of Input Devices


    Mouse is a pointing device that helps to move the cursor it's an input device because when we use mouse to move the cursor it helps to input the data of us.

    It allows computer to work easily it is the most important part of computer. So, this uses to move cursor around the desktop screen.

    For Desktops or PCs its very helpful and for laptops its like inbuilt so you not have to add it externally.

    Mouse have 2 or 3 buttons like left button, right button and middle or scroll button.

    Mouse Left Button

    Left button of mouse is used to open some files and folders like on desktop home screen you can double click or click on mouse left button then it can open file or folder.

    Its also use to select texts by holding button. So this button is very important it does main tasks.

    Mouse Right Button

    Right Button of mouse is used to open menu of the screen or folder or files like on home screen of desktop you click mouse's right button then it opens a menu like refresh, new, paste, etc.

    So these are the menus, can easily open by pressing mouse right button.

    Mouse Middle Button or Scroll Button

    Some mouses have a middle button its also called a scroll button because by clicking on middle button, you can scroll down and scroll up your screen by scrolling the mouse.



    Keyboard is most important part of computer because by using keyboard we can write anything it is used to write any text on computer or laptop.

    It have many types of keys like Alphabets, Numbers, Shortcut Keys, ALT Keys, CTRL Keys, Enter key, Caps Lock Key, Tab Key, Esc Key, etc.


    Alphabet Keys or Writing Keys

    These keys are used to write texts on computer there are A-Z keys on computer.

    Number keys

    These keys are used to write number like 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and its very important keys with alphabet keys.

    Shortcut Keys

    Like CTRL+C key pressing together you can copy the selected text or CTRL+V key use to paste the selected text or CTRL+P key uses to Print the selected area or page so there are many types of shortcut keys.

    Caps Lock Key

    Caps Lock key used to use write alphabets in Capital letter.



    Microphone is used to covert your sound in electronic format like when you say something it can transfer your voice in digital format like on computer etc.

    Example you can use any voice recorder and something using your microphone then it converts your voice in electronic format like this process is to input anything and when you listen your recorder voice it performs like output because then it gives output from speaker.

    So microphone is an input device.

    Light Pen

    Light Pen

    Light pen is also an input device its design is like a pen.

    It is a pointing device which can be used to select menu or text or draw pictures on computer very easily .By using this light pen you can operate your computer very easily.

    So, light pen is also an input device.



    Scanner is also an input device. It captures image by scanning the image or document you scan in your scanner. With the help of scanner you can scan any document very easily it is called an input device because it scans and give input to computer like scanning to image.

    And you can easily save that image or print that image. It is an hardware input device, reads the document and convert that image in image format in computer or laptops or desktops. It is used to import data in computer using scanner.



    Joystick is also an input device. Its mainly used to play or control games by joystick you can control your game very easily. Its used to move your game in any direction by moving your joystick.

    So, today i tell you what is input device and what are the types of input devices like mouse, keyboard, microphone, lightpen, scanner, joystick so i hope you like this article plz comment and share it with your friends.