What is a Processor in Computer | How does it work?

What is a Processor in Computer

Today, I tell you about what is processor in computer and how does it works.
What is Processor?? Everyone wants to know that what is a processor. When we think about computer how does it work so we think about processor. Because without processor computer cannot run. So a processor in computer is very important for all types of computers because with the help of processor computer runs.

There are many names of Processor like Intel Core, Intel Pentium II, Intel Pentium III, Intel Pentium Pro, etc.
Processor in Computer

What is a Processor?

The processor is a very important part of a computer because its very necessary. It can handle trillions of calculations at the same time. It is found in all devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Desktop or PCs and Laptops. So a processor is a part of CPU.
The full form of CPU is Central Processing Unit.
Its also called main or central processor.
In today's, mainly Processors are dual-core or multi-core processors which enables you to use your computer with good performance and battery consumption is also low and also with multi-core processors you can do multi-tasking like in today's smartphones there are good processors so everyone doing multitasking like use 2 apps at same time. So processor is very necessary.
How does it work?

Types of Processors

There are many processors nowadays available so for which processor you need you can go to it because mainly before 4-5 years there are some processor but now today there are many processor and the processors have use also very good like low power consumption, enhance battery life, enhance performance, do multitasking so you can choose anyone type processor from them.
Processor are also now 2 types like - 32-bit processor and 64-bit processor.
The processors are Intel Celeron, AMD Sempron, AMD Athlon, Dual Core Processors, Intel Pentium Core, Intel Pentium II & III, etc.
So there are many types of processor like you can choose a best processor for gaming. Like you play so many games on your devices then go for a good gaming processor.

Processors Core

There are more than 3 cores nowadays. If you dont want to do so much tasks then you can go for single core processor. And if you want to do some high graphic tasks or low gaming then you can go to dual core processor so similarly the more usage of yours the more you can choose processor like multi-core processor by this you can do multitasking very easily and do your tasks in seconds. Because by this your computer or your devices works very smoothly.

Now the important point is how does it work so it will work in a cycle like :-


The first work of the processor is to fetch the information and send instructions from main memory and fetch the informations.


After fetching the instructions, the next work or process is to decode the instructions.


Now after fetching the informations and decoding the instructions, the main thing is to execute it so in this step the processor can get information what he have to do it now so the instruction is carried out so after fetching and decoding processor can execute it.

So, this is my full article on What is a Processor in computer types of processor and how does it work.